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A Message From the Principal

Dear Fairforest Families, 

It is with great pleasure and pride that I welcome you to Fairforest Elementary School! Fairforest is the home of the finest students, staff and parents. We are a student-centered school that works to ensure every decision made has the best interest of the child in mind. 

My background in education includes 16 years of combined experience as a teacher and administrator. The hallmark of my educational experience has been my commitment to children, building a collegial work environment, creating strong, positive relationships with the overall school community, and my goals of excellence for myself and others. Throughout my years both in the classroom and as an administrator, I have remained a life-long learner and work to instill a love for learning in others.

As a parent, I understand a family’s desire for their child to attend a school that provides a safe and open learning environment where he/she can grow academically, physically, socially and emotionally. As your child’s principal, I will strive to create a school environment where all children have the opportunity to thrive in all facets of their lives. I will also strive to form positive, meaningful relationships with my students’ families so we can work together to ensure every child has the support they need both at home and at school to be successful. Having a strong partnership will make a world of difference in your child’s education.

It is truly a privilege to serve your child and community alongside a dedicated faculty and staff who remain committed to creating a safe, engaging, and rigorous learning environment for children. Here at Fairforest, we strive to live by our slogan, "Preparing Children for Success” by providing our students with a quality education that helps prepare them to be successful students in the classroom and upstanding citizens in society. I look forward to working together with each of you to ensure your child receives the education that he/she needs and deserves. Please take some time today and throughout the year to review the policies and procedures found within this handbook. Doing so will provide you with many answers to questions you may have regarding our school and its policies. If you have any questions or concerns, please know my door is always open. 


Kerrie Kish Principal